This week (XXIV) Euroregion: Siret-Prut-Nistru (basic facts)

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Siret-Prut-Nistru Euroregion Association gathers 26 district councils from the 34 of Republic of Moldova, except the regions with special status Gagauzia and Transnistria, and 3 county councils from Romania (Iași, Prahova and Vaslui) and was established as Romanian juridical person in 2005 with headquarters in Iași.

Activities and projects of the Association cover various fields of interest from economy, infrastructure, environment, tourism, agriculture and rural development, human resource development and social services, to education, informational society and culture, according to the development strategy of local administrations.

Download the map of Euroregion Siret-Prut-Nistru.


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Toolkit on City-to-City Cooperation

A brand new toolkit on City-to-City Cooperation or C2C is now available on the the Centre of Expertise for Local Government Reform CoE website…

Following on from the toolkits on Inter-Municipal Cooperation (2010) and Cross Border Cooperation (2012), this toolkit on C2C, produced by CoE in cooperation with the Institute of International Sociology (ISIG) in Gorizia, Italy, provides guidelines and examples of best practices to municipalities wishing to establish fruitful cooperation with non-neighbouring counterparts abroad.

With the growth of the de-territorialisation process and the consequent intertwining of international, national and domestic contexts, cities need to take a leading role in the international relations arena. Therefore, C2C is described as “the full range of processes initiated by city institutions and civil society organisations engaging in international relations with the aim of representing themselves and their interests to one another” to develop cooperative actions to their mutual benefit and to tackle problems that in spite of their local character, could have originated elsewhere.

Drawn from the best practice example of Scottish and Croatian municipalities, this toolkit is a concrete solution for cooperation between municipalities. It goes without saying that they can always rely on the assistance and support provided by the Centre of Expertise.

The Centre of Expertise is planning to present the new toolkit in collaboration with ISIG, in Dubrovnik on 16 July, at the meeting dedicated to preparation of cooperation projects between Croatian and Scottish municipalities.

INTERREG guides for the new call for proposals

Center for research, cross-border cooperation & development

Interreg Europe held two lead applicant workshops: on 2-3 June in Prague and on 10-11 June in Brussels providing the participants with practical advice on how to prepare a project application for the first call for proposals, which is about to open soon.

Hands-on exercises in three different break-out sessions guided them through building a partnership, developing a project methodology and preparing the budget.

These links relate closely to the criteria to ne applied during the assessment of the submitted projects.

Also Interreg Europe will have a new online application form.

37 potential lead applicants also benefited from an individual consultation of their project idea, a detailed 45-minute feedback of the project officers helping to improve the quality of their proposal.
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